On-Site Energy Ltd

About this exhibitor

On-Site Energy ltd is an independent energy solutions provider, working exclusively with energy intensive manufacturers to cut costs and carbon emissions. This is achieved through adopting a data-driven approach to improving energy efficiency and developing on or near-site generation, which under the off-balance sheet accounting model, can be designed, built, and managed without requiring any capital outlay from the customer.

On-Site Energy’s key skill sets are their ‘can-do’ attitude, innovative approach to developing solutions and the commercial edge arising from financial independence. Unlike many larger ESCO suppliers, On-Site Energy is willing to embrace complexity and work with the client to develop the best-fit solution on more commercially flexible terms.

Customer’s benefit from lower operating costs, lower maintenance costs, security of supply and improved sustainability credibility, all the while reserving the opportunity to invest capital into customer facing projects.

If you are an energy intensive manufacturer looking to take control of your energy costs and act on your sustainability objectives, please get in contact with our Sales Director, David Jamieson, at dj@on-site.energy or 0151 271 0037.