Premier Labellers

About this exhibitor

We design, build, test, and distribute our self-adhesive labelling machinery from our site in Harwich, Essex.

Thriving on our ability to provide modular solutions that are built to your requirements. Our machines are designed for high accuracy and high quality labelling results, with a range of standard and special purpose customisations to get the finish your business desires.

We pride ourselves on being flexible to our customers, with proven success. We have never employed a sales team and rely solely on our industry reputation.

Our customer base spans across a broad spectrum of industries including: cosmetics, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, CBD, toiletries, chemicals, and more.

Our labelling machines are not industry specific and we provide labelling solutions to new markets every day. There are many types of label application that it can sometimes be difficult to find which one is for you, with our highly experienced design and mechanical engineers we can advise you and support you to understand which type of machine is perfect for your product.

It doesn’t just stop there, we have a reputable Contract Packing service that can handle your packaging needs with ease. Premier offer many packaging services including filling, hand-packing, labelling and sleeving at a premier quality and high speed. Get in touch with our friendly team and enquire about your packaging needs.