Prochem Services Ltd

About this exhibitor

Prochem Services has been manufacturing and supplying corrosion-resistant valves and ancillary equipment since 1984 for chemical dosing and industrial applications across many different sectors globally.

We’re one of the world’s foremost designers and manufacturers of products for fluid handling products where corrosion resistance is vital for the safety and accuracy of the dosed product. Our equipment uses a range of different metals, plastics and elastomers, and with 40 years’ experience in selecting the right product for the right application, we can prove they have a reliability and longevity second to none. Our range of pressure relief valves, loading valves, pulsation dampeners, diaphragm seals, calibration pots, suction demand valves and injection/sample lances have many standard options to cover a wide range of applications. We also have in-house capability to design and engineer for special requirements.