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Can you lay your hands on your DSEAR/ATEX compliance paperwork easily and quickly if you were audited? Are you completely comfortable in the knowledge that your mechanical and electrical equipment is safe, compliant, in a good state of maintenance and fit for purpose? What are your risks?

How much would a shut-down cost you if there was a failure to comply or HSE intervention?

It’s all information that most businesses will have – but maybe not all in the same place.

But updating your practices, ensuring you meet compliance with DSEAR/Atex and BS EN 60079 Explosive Atmospheres could save you both time and productivity in the long-run.

Prevention is better than cure they say – and this could not be more true when it comes to Hazardous Areas.

Small errors, mistakes, shortcuts of shortfalls in safety, knowledge and skill can lead to big catastrophe, loss of life, injury, property damage, productivity disruption or financial implications to name a few.

But with comprehensive, rigorous and trusted design, installation, inspection, testing and maintenance, Hazardous Area risks can be kept low.

Professional Engineering Services Ltd are the specialists in compliance for Hazardous Area’s in explosive atmospheres; Gas, Vapours and Dusts.

They are a Hazardous Area Electrical & Mechanical CompEx design, installation and inspection company who use globally-recognised training and assessment schemes for personnel who work in Hazardous Areas, partner with you to ensure safety, compliance and reduce risk.

In addition, they are also accredited NICEIC UKAS Hazardous Area Contractors for Gas, Vapours & Dust.

The role Professional Engineering Services has as a CompEx inspection company is crucial in ensuring that electrical and mechanical equipment in the Hazardous Area is safe and fit for purpose.

Area Classification, Installation, Inspection, Certification and Training are the key areas to have full, documented compliance on. All PES Ltd clients have access to their documentation easily and quickly via digital software.

Equipment Inspection and Testing

Inspection and testing of electrical and mechanical equipment to ensure it complies with the standards of BS EN 60079 and therefore is safe to use in the Hazardous Area. This includes assessing the equipment and apparatus suitability for the specific area in which it will be used and ensuring that it is installed and maintained correctly.

Inspections help to identify potential hazards and prevent accidents before they occur. PES come with fresh eyes to assess your facility, integrity of equipment and processes to ensure full compliance to current regulations, standards and guidance.

Equipment Certification

Following installation, acceptable inspection and testing, PES Ltd can issue NICEIC Hazardous Area certificates of conformity to demonstrate that the equipment meets the required standards and is safe to use in your Hazardous Areas.

Hazardous Area Classification/DSEAR RA

PES Ltd, as DSEAR specialists can work with you to provide Hazardous Area classification to determine the level of risk associated with a particular area; assessing the likelihood of explosive atmospheres and identifying the appropriate equipment for use in that area.


DSEAR awareness training courses are available to our clients providing compliance to DSEAR. All our engineers involved in the design, installation, inspection and maintenance of electrical and mechanical equipment in Hazardous Areas are qualified to relevant CompEx 01-04, 05&06, 11 and 12, to ensure they are competent and up-to-date with the latest safety regulations and standards.

With PES, you are in safe hands.