Proximion AB

About this exhibitor

Proximion AB is a high-tech Swedish company that designs and manufactures customized, state of the art fiber optic sensor systems for the measurement of temperature and other physical parameters.

Our technology suits applications with difficult environmental conditions and limited available space, where there is need for a high number of measurement points, high measurement accuracy, fast time response and intrinsic safety.

In the chemical process industry, the Proximion fiber optic temperature monitoring system has already delivered two value cases where alternative solutions were unavailable of ineffective:

  • Real-time monitoring of the progression of the exotherm in a packed column reactor
  • Real-time monitoring of the interfaces between multiple fluids in storage column

If you have a measurement challenge that cannot be met with conventional means, please visit our stand to see the Proximion technology in action, and see if we can engineer together a fiber optic solution to your challenge.