Pyroban Limited

Pyroban Limited

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Pyroban has been actively protecting millions of workers in potentially explosive atmospheres for generations.

From its centre of excellence in the UK, Pyroban can convert almost all brands and types of materials handling equipment to keep people safe in chemical manufacturing, transport and storage applications where there is a risk of explosion.

Its explosion protection solutions make equipment ATEX compliant for use in Zone 1, 2, 21 and 22 hazardous areas. For instance, Pyroban’s system6000 combines active gas detection with various explosion protection methods and complements the latest technologies seen in materials handling and vehicle design including energy performance and ergonomics. Active gas detection on vehicles in Zone 2 hazardous areas helps ensure that your equipment protects your people and the environment, by making the driver aware of an accidental release of gas or vapour. Without this, drivers can be ‘blind’ to an explosion risk. It can be used with forklifts, pallet trucks and stackers, VNA, picking equipment, reach trucks and more.

Pyroban also provides added safety solutions for vehicles. When you are handling potentially hazardous materials, gases could easily cross from a Zone 2 area into what is considered a ‘safe’ area and put people at risk.

Pyroban makes these designated ‘safe areas’ even safer, with active gas detection that can be fitted to any equipment, of any age, in less than a day. Gascheka is an active gas detection system that helps keep people safe by monitoring the surrounding area of any type of vehicle or equipment, from forklift trucks and cranes, to shutters and shrink wrap machines.

With best in class service, Pyroban actively supports customers worldwide with technical support, parts, engineer training and Annual Safety Audits, protecting people and keeping lifetime costs low. ARE YOU ACTIVE?