Qualichem Ltd

About this exhibitor

Qualichem is a provider of bespoke chemical solutions, offering bulk liquid storage, toll manufacturing, chemical blending, solid and liquid repackaging.

The Birkenhead facility offers bulk ship imports with its own berth and road loading facility making onward dispatch safe and efficient. Birkenhead is a niche facility for the food, energy, and industrial sector.

Knowsley: A state of the art toll chemical manufacturing facility with flexible reaction and blending plants. The site has capacity to manufacture up to 60,000 tonnes of material each year. Ideally located close to major distribution networks for ease of distribution of the final product.

Hartlepool: A package chemical storage facility with a drumming line which can accept bulk tanker loads and repackage into containers from 25 litres to 1000 litres. The facility can store 10000 pallets within a secure storage compound.

Sandycroft: A bulk and packaged chemical handling facility with Sifting, Sieving, Screening, Milling and Lump Breaking Plant and Equipment

Qualichem prides itself on manufacturing, storing and distributing chemicals safely and efficiently.