Specialist Heat Exchangers Ltd

About this exhibitor

Specialist Heat Exchangers Ltd have been designing and manufacturing bespoke, compact, efficient cooling equipment for industrial and petrochemical applications since 1968.

Success in achieving the most compact cooling solution is attributed to selection of both high efficiency internal and external extended surfaces that can be balanced to achieve maximum heat transfer performance.

SHE work in highly regulated, specification driven industries such as Oil and Gas, Energy, Water, Petrochemical and other industrial applications and as a result SHE are familiar with the requirements of the world’s major oil and gas companies.

At Specialist Heat Exchangers Ltd, our commitment to meeting and exceeding customer expectations drives us forward. All SHE equipment is manufactured in-house to ensure quality and performance is maintained.

We have invested in continuous improvement of our quality and environmental management systems, resulting in prestigious certifications.

Our dedication to quality has earned us ISO 9001 certification, demonstrating our adherence to rigorous quality standards. Additionally, our commitment to environmental responsibility is reflected in our ISO 14001 certification, signifying our dedication to sustainable practices.

Furthermore, we are proud to hold the ASME U stamp, attesting to our competence in designing and manufacturing pressure vessels that meet the highest industry standards.

SHE are able to supply bespoke designed Air Blast, Natural Convection and Shell & tube type coolers covering many applications and fluids from simple finned tube coils, bearing cooler assemblies, seal system coolers, lube oil and gas coolers through to fully winterised air blast coolers and consider API standards such  API 661, API 614 and API 682 as well as client project specifications.

As a member of HDT Automotive Group the company prides itself on producing quality products at competitive prices, with on time delivery, worldwide.

Over the last 50+ years SHE have developed a range of high performance internal and external surfaces which, when combined, provide a market leading high performance cooling solution.

All of the surfaces have been extensively in-house tested and the resulting data, combined with bespoke thermal design software, ensures that the optimum design can be achieved every time.

All SHE finned tubes are manufactured in-house under the Tube Fins Ltd brand, which is a division of Specialist Heat Exchangers Ltd. We can supply a full range of finned tubes with wire loop type external surfaces in CS, Cu or SS and ribbon type fins in aluminium and copper to the market place.

In-house machining, welding, and painting along with access to NDT, pressure testing, flushing etc. allow SHE to offer a comprehensive refurbishment service for various kinds of heat transfer equipment, whether that be cleaning or re-tube, paint and test etc.

Summary – as a minimum, we can offer  …

  • Externally ribbon finned or wire wound tubes, with our without high performance internal tabulators
  • Finned/WW tube coils
  • Bearing coolers
  • Natural convection type coolers – oil and water
  • Vertical air blast coolers – oil and water
  • Horizontal air blast coolers – oil, water, air
  • Fully winterised coolers
  • Coolers including ladders, walkways etc.
  • EC Directive complaint
  • ASME VIII and include U stamp / NRB
  • API661, API682 and API614 compliance
  • Compliance with customer project specs.
  • Flushing, Pressure Testing
  • Painting, NDT, PMI etc.
  • Pipework fabrication
  • General fabrication
  • Refurbish service.