Advanced Propulsion Centre

Advanced Propulsion Centre

About this partner

Our job is to ensure the UK remains competitive in the research, development and production of low carbon automotive technologies, anchoring and growing UK capabilities.

Through a team of hand-picked specialists we introduce those with good ideas to those who can take them to market, providing mentoring and access to funding along the way.

Born out of the collaboration between UK Government and industry, our organisation aims to save 50 million tonnes of CO2, safeguard or create 30,000 jobs in the UK and make £1 billion of match funding, committed by industry and government, available to research and develop low carbon automotive technologies in the UK.

We are now half way through a ten-year programme launched in 2013, and well on our way to achieving our targets. Our nine competitions represent investments of £671 million investment across 39 projects made up of 147 organisations in consortia partnerships, safeguarding or creating a potential 22,300 jobs in the UK, saving a potential 37.2 million tonnes CO2. This is the equivalent of removing 2 million cars off the road.