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Fluid Handling Pro is the leading global business resource and website for fluid handling and processing professionals.

You can rely on Fluid Handling Pro for the latest information on technology solutions and equipment innovations in any industry where fluid handling is a key requirement.

Fluids can be broadly classified into two main categories—liquids and gases.

Liquids are characterized by relatively high densities and viscosities, with molecules close together; their volumes tend to remain constant, roughly independent of pressure, temperature, or the size of the vessels containing them.

Gases, on the other hand, have relatively low densities and viscosities, with molecules far apart; generally, they will completely fill the container in which they are placed. However, these two states—liquid and gaseous—represent but the two extreme ends of a continuous spectrum of possibilities.

Fluid Handling Pro focuses primarily on technologies for effectively processing and measuring these liquids, slurries & gases.