SHAPA – The Solids Handling and Processing Association

SHAPA – The Solids Handling and Processing Association

About this partner

SHAPA has been the UK’s leading specialist association for the solids handling and processing industry since its formation in 1981.

All our members are established specialists within their fields, and have the experience and commercial standing to provide quality, cost-effective solutions for all aspects of mechanisation for bulk materials handling and storage, conveyors, dust collection and control, instrumentation, mixers, big bag handling, sampling systems, sieves, valves and weighing systems and equipment.

Our members benefit from the backup of the association in marketing, information and communication, which strengthens their ability both within their market and in their ability to provide informed, high-performance solutions to client needs.

Member activities include quarterly meetings — which serve as excellent forums for information, advice and networking — innovation and design awards, and provision of wide-ranging benefits, from exhibition costs to export assistance.

When you deal with a SHAPA member, you engage a supplier with the considerable backup that membership of SHAPA provides.

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