UK & Ireland Spill Association

UK & Ireland Spill Association

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UK and Ireland Spill Association (UKEireSpill) is the national trade body for companies, organisations and individuals involved in spill and incident management.

It has over 100 member companies who are spill and incident responders, consultants, product manufacturers and client organisations including those that store and distribute oil and chemicals, insurers, brokers and loss adjusters working in the industry in the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland and internationally.

Of these members, 70 are actively involved in spill and incident response in the UK and Republic of Ireland and are members who have been audited and demonstrated their competence to become accredited members of the International Spill Accreditation Scheme (ISAS). They are accredited in their area (s) of particular competence; Inland/Freshwater, Groundwater, Tanker Rollover, Marine, Hazardous Noxious Substances, Chemical Spills, Contaminated Soils and Consultancies

ISAS Ltd is an independent but related company to UKEireSpill and delivers the accreditation and training activities of the Association.

UKEireSpill is recognised by United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland Governments, their trade, environmental and maritime agencies as the industry body for spill and incident response and is actively engaged in assisting the drafting of relevant legislation, contingency planning, provision of advice and developing best practice.

We aim to promote our Members by organizing and participating in regional, national and international events, exhibitions and conferences for the spill industry, oil industry, government and the public, independently and in partnership. Also by maintaining a comprehensive online directory of Members’ products and services and links to their websites, through strategic relationships with related organisations and through the regular publication of the UKEireSpill magazine “Spill Alert” and information published on our web-site

We lobby on behalf of our Members by speaking authoritatively, and coordinating responses to relevant government and non-government consultations that may have an influence on our Members’ activities.

We share information about and amongst our Members by providing educational and networking opportunities through regular meetings, events, webinars and seminars, held across the UK and internationally, through regular Member Updates and through our web-site.

UKEireSpill shares ownership of the international “Interspill” conference and exhibition (a showcase for Members) the triennial European Oil Spill Conference and Exhibition, the next to be held in 2025 of which more information is at