How do we build a positive science culture? - Hosted by Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)

Time & Location

Wednesday: 14.30 to 16.00, Stage 5


Alanna DowningDisability/Neurodiversity Advocate & Senior Auditor

About this Session

Join this session to hear how the RSC is shining a light on the importance of fostering and enabling a culture in science that is open, empowering, and supportive of all individuals.

Featuring three short talks from our members and partners in industry, this session will highlight the foundations we have identified as key to a great science culture:

  • Scientific practice – the way science and innovation are conducted
  • Participation in science – who is able and enabled to take part in science and innovation
  • Wellbeing and development – how people are treated and empowered to achieve their potential

A panel discussion will follow, providing a platform to ask questions and share your views on the challenges and opportunities you see towards achieving this vision.

Session chair:

Suze Kundu, Director of Researcher and Community Engagement, Digital Science

Featured speakers and panellists:

  • Alanna Downing, Disability/Neurodiversity Advocate & Senior Auditor
  • Chloe Jackson, Analytical Development Chemist, Carbogen Amcis
  • Martin Monedero, Flow Chemist, AM Technology
  • Toby Underwood, Head of Professional Standards, Royal Society of Chemistry