Joint Presentation

“UKAS accreditation and the role of a Technical Assessor.”

Time & Location

Thursday: 13.30 to 13.45, Stage 5


Andrew GreenTechnical Resources Manager - UKAS

About this presentation

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Speaker Bio:

I joined UKAS back in the summer last year as their Talent Acquisition Manager to lead the recruitment for our external work force subject matter experts otherwise known as our External Technical Assessors across a wide range of subjects from Analytical Chemistry to Nuclear Inspection.  Prior to my engagement at UKAS I have gained a wealth of experience spanning 27 years in recruitment before the internet was a thing.  An experienced Talent and Recruitment Business Partner/Manager who has worked across various sectors including Healthcare, Clinical (MRI ,CT, Cardo), Engineering, IT, Telco, Clinical, Operations, Sales, and Accountancy. With experience in internal, RPO, and agency environments, I have worked for companies of various sizes, from Global, SME to Blue-chip, and possess an understanding of their unique recruitment needs.