Brexit and now the CBAM: How to empower UK exporters to unlock the EU market?

Time & Location

Wednesday: 15.45 to 16.00, Stage 1


Anne SamsonMarketing & Communication Manager at RM Boulanger

About this presentation

It is no secret that Brexit has fundamentally changed the international trade landscape, adding various challenges for those exporting from the UK. Now, with the introduction of the EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM), a key European initiative aimed at reducing carbon emissions by imposing taxes on imports of certain goods, UK businesses face additional complexities and are navigating uncharted waters.

This talk addresses these critical developments by exploring strategies that empower exporters to thrive in the European market despite these changes. With innovative solutions that make it unnecessary for most UK businesses the need to set up a physical presence within the EU, through Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) arrangements and RM Boulanger’s expert VAT and customs representation, British companies can operate across borders with ease and efficiency.

This session will also give a deeper understanding of the CBAM, and how UK exporters can transform what can be seen as potential barriers into avenues of opportunities. Indeed, with RMB’s dedicated solutions at their disposal, British firms can look forward to simplifying their operations, ensuring they are well-positioned to thrive in the post-Brexit, CBAM-affected era.

Speaker Bio:

Anne Samson joined RM Boulanger over two years ago stepping into the role of Marketing & Communication Manager and has been at the forefront of innovation and strategic communication from day one.
Anne has proven herself by diving into the deep end, navigating the complexities of trade regulations with agility and foresight.
Her role involves keeping all stakeholders informed of the latest changes in the international trade landscape, ensuring that the team, clients, partners, prospects etc. are not only aware of the current environment but also best prepared for future shifts.