Joint Presentation

Navigating the storm - Utilising Process Hazard Analysis in Crisis and Emergency Planning to enhance safety, reducer error to support readiness.

Time & Location

Wednesday: 14.45 to 15.00, Stage 4


CHEMTREC and United Utilities

About this presentation

Chris Scott of CHEMTREC and John Blackmore of United Utilities explore their use of process safety information, and specifically PHA’s to develop a robust crisis and emergency plan, training and exercise program at a United Utilities Bioresource Center. They will explore the key risks associated with these sites, including sharing live case studies of learnings from a range of incidents across similar sites. Crisis and Emergency management and risk mitigation are crucial aspects of ensuring the safety and reliability of complex processes, yet this crucial fusion of the two elements is one that is often overlooked.

The presentation will explore the importance of collaborative working between disciplines to create comprehensive arrangements which facilitate the anticipation, assessment, prevention, preparedness and ultimately response to process related hazards and threats. The presentation will also explore the significance of organizational culture, not just in the prevention of incidents, but also in the quality of response, and how CHEMTREC worked with United Utilities to engender a proactive posture of prevention and readiness throughout the site. A final review of a recent case study will illustrate the real-world implications of this interconnection. The case study will further highlight the importance of creating stronger links between crisis and emergency management and risk and process safety, demonstrating the value each party brings to enhance resilience.

Chris Scott

Chris Scott

Crisis and Emergency Management Manager

Chris works for CHEMTREC in the role of  services manager as part of the MEA team but working across the CHEMTREC division. Chris is a highly experienced crisis management professional with over 35 years of experience in the field. Chris is a thought leader and pioneer in the field of operating in high pressure environments. A dynamic and engaging instructor of all crisis and emergency response related matters. He has an MSc in crisis management and emergency planning, supported by a BSc in Leadership and Management. Chris’s skillset was honed with a 23-year career in the UK Military and has engaged in special operations around the world. His management expertise is underpinned by unique qualifications as an instructor of Human Intelligence (HUMINT), a skillset in understanding how people think, act and feel in high pressure, demanding situations. This helps Chris to create and develop true, bespoke management offerings to our clients. Chris has studied and written a number of white papers, delivered webinars and seminars on the importance of non-technical skillsets which underpin an individual’s ability to deal with crisis and high-pressure situations. Chris’s experience is wide reaching and has been developed and delivered globally.

John Blackmore

John Blackmore

Head of Bioresource Operations - United Utilities