IChemE mini conference “Scale-Up’ challenges, towards ‘sustainable production“ Hosted by IChemE: Institution of Chemical Engineers

Time & Location

Wednesday: 10.30 to 12.00, Stage 4


Chris HamlinVice Chair - IChemE’s Process Management and Control SIG

About this Session

Hosted by IChemE, this Mini-Confernce programme will set out to provide perpectives around the questions of:

– Defining how ‘scaling-up’ relates to you and your organisation.
– What are the challenges faced by your sector when considering how best to scale up your operations or processes?
– Highlight how recent successes have helped to shape company / sector learning and knowledge transfer in this area.


• What are the emerging common themes that organisations should consider when committing to scaling up in a sustainable way?
• How do you know if sustainable production has been achieved? How is it measured?
• What are the common implications of scaling up and how can the Chemical and Process Engineering community use their expertise to manage resources appropriately?

Featured session speakers – to be announced soon

Speaker Bio:

Co-founder and lead advisor at HancockHamlin, a freelance research, facilitation, education and coaching company that helps people and organisations operate effectively in complex and emergent environments. With a particular emphasis on digitalisation and sustainability, HancockHamlin’s aspiration is on realising the potential of technology and engineering to enable the transition to a just and sustainable future for all. Chris’s career started in manufacturing, progressed through global technical and business consultancy to recent leadership and incubation of critical capabilities in digital start-ups. Chris is a Fellow of the IChemE, recently chaired the ChemEng Evolution Futures panel, and is vice-chair of the PMCSIG. He is also a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering and sits on the Regional Talent Engine and Sainsbury Management Fellowship Steering Groups, and chairs the RTE activity in the North-East. He is a qualified Co-Active coach with a passion for helping technical and scientific leaders to expand their awareness and consideration to secure the fulfilment that they work so hard to try to achieve.