Feature Presentation:

How do you know if your emergency response is fit for purpose? – An exercise in testing

Time & Location

Thursday: 11.00 to 11.30, Stage 4


Craig ThomsonSales & Client Director – Ricardo Energy & Environment

About this presentation

Displaying an emergency response telephone number on product documentation doesn’t mean that the help those calling the number need, or want, is effective. Emergency response, whilst being a regulatory requirement, is a critical part of not only your own risk management, but providing the help, support and advice to your customers, logistics partners and others who are using and moving your products. Organisations should have high expectations of their emergency response arrangements, and should regularly test these to ensure they meet these expectations.

This presentation will explore how to test your emergency response arrangements, to make sure they are fit for purpose and can provide genuine help and support to a caller. We’ll follow a testing case study, through determining what is important to your organisation, establishing how to measure these, creating a realistic scenario, and delivering the test. We will then explore how to take the learnings from tests and implement these into wider improvements of plans and processes

• Understand how to determine what is important from your emergency response arrangements and turn these into measurements
• Design and implement a testing programme and scenario
• Implement improvements and learnings and integrate into wider plans