How will current approaches used to deliver improvements to manufacturing today, need to change to be relevant in the AI and Digital age in chemical sector in 15 years time?

Time & Location

Thursday: 10.00 to 10.15, Stage 3


Daniel OrfordPrincipal - Chartwell Consulting

About this presentation

There are countless improvement approaches out there that have been applied to generate significant step changes in operational performance in manufacturing over the past 70 years. If we wind the clocks forward 15 years when we have progressed with AI and Digitalisation, how will these methodologies need to change? Will OpEx be out of a job?

Speaker Bio:

I have worked in numerous industries delivering high-value, high-urgent improvement projects over the past 9 years. Typically, we deliver 20-40% improvement in 3-9 months. We work closely with the site teams to solve complex problems, uncover constraints, and redefine possible.

Due to my role in leading short improvement projects across Europe, I have been to many many factories all at different points on their digital journey and met many people spearheading AI and digitalization within their organization.