KEYNOTE: Energy cost reductions and sustainability delivered

Time & Location

Wednesday: 15.00 to 15.15, Stage 3


David KiplingChief Executive Officer - On-Site Energy Ltd

About this presentation

A new approach to addressing the challenges facing the Chemicals industry regarding energy costs and CO2 footprint mitigation.

Collaboration process for innovation and assessing viability of traditional and emerging technologies applicable to utility resource efficiency, decarbonisation and energy cost management.

Barriers preventing more organisations from delivering energy and carbon reduction projects (longer payback, limited project management bandwidth, competition for capital) and how these issues can be resolved.T53NO

Speaker Bio:

David has been in the energy sector for 12 years. His broad energy experience spans development of renewable energy projects, investing in distributed energy technology, energy auditing and delivering energy efficiencies and onsite generation solutions world-wide for an international manufacturing business. He founded On-Site Energy Ltd in 2018 to address the problems he observed that are facing energy intensive manufacturers relating to carbon reduction, energy cost reduction and the challenges of capex and return on investment. Since then, he has overseen the projects totalling more than £20m. He is a Chartered Accountant by original training and has held CEO, CFO and Partner level roles for over 25 years.