'On-Site Energy Guide to Industrial Decarbonisation'

Time & Location

Thursday: 10.00 to 10.20, Stage 4


David KiplingCEO - On-Site Energy

About this presentation

Content and takeaways:

  • Decarbonisation is mandatory, but how can it be achieved in a gas-intensive business? And without increasing operating costs?
  • Barriers to decarbonisation
  • Factors driving timing of decarbonisation actions
  • Strategy for decarbonising without increasing operating costs

Speaker Bio:

David Kipling entered the energy sector in 2009, founding a corporate finance business specialising in renewable energy projects. He undertook project development in utility scale solar PV and wind. Latterly, he enjoyed 5 years with Jabil (NYSE: JBL, as a Vice President with a leading role in corporate venturing in distributed commercial energy technologies. He led a team rolling-out an innovative energy savings process across Jabil’s factories globally. In that role he identified the issues preventing companies from more widely adopting energy savings opportunities and sustainability measures, which has been a key learning in On-Site Energy’s business model.