Formulating Biology - New Challenges for Chemists

Time & Location

Wednesday: 13.00 to 13.15, Stage 5


Dr Jim BullockDirector - iFormulate Ltd

About this presentation

The nature of modern formulated products is creating new challenges for formulation scientists. Traditionally, formulators have been expected to take synthetic chemical entities and incorporate them into stable and effective formulations. Today the landscape is very different as sensitive biologically derived active components such as living microorganisms, natural extracts, enzymes, peptides and RNA/DNA have grown hugely in importance across many industries in recent years. This creates particular challenges for the formulator who must ensure stability, compatibility and optimum efficacy in the final product. These challenges have led to innovative solutions which formulators can apply and in this talk we will show examples from across several industries, e.g. pharma, agriculture, consumer products and food.

Speaker Bio:

Dr Jim Bullock is co-founder and director of iFormulate Ltd, a specialist formulation consultancy founded in 2012. After a D.Phil from Oxford, Jim led R&D projects in imaging at Ilford Ltd and activities on crystal engineering and dye formulation and chemistry at ICI/Zeneca. At BASF, in UK and Germany, Jim headed formulation development for colours and held marketing, strategy, R&D and regulatory affairs functions for BASF’s global biocides business. Previously Jim was CEO of Intelligent Formulation Ltd which promoted formulation technology in the UK and he also served as a board director of Agion Technologies, USA.