Feature Session:

PROCESS INTENSIFICATION - Feature session Hosted by Process Intensification Network (PIN) & PI Group at Newcastle University

Time & Location

Wednesday: 10.30 to 11.00, Stage 3

Joint Speaker

Dr. Jonathan McDonoughLecturer - PI Group at Newcastle University

About this presentation

• Prof. Adam Harvey – Professor of Process Intensification, Newcastle University
• Dr. Jonathan McDonough – Lecturer – PI Group at Newcastle University

Daily PI’ sessions overview:
Reflecting the importance of ‘process intensification’ methods & technologies in improving unit process & chemical processing plant efficiencies and at the same time contributing substantially to sustainability goals, CHEMUK will feature daily discussions around this key topic, through daily hosted expert sessions from the Process Intensification Network (PIN) & PI Group at Newcastle University

• Part 1: Introduction to Process Intensification – Prof. Adam Harvey, Professor of Process Intensification
Prof Harvey will describe what “process intensification” is, and give an overview of the diverse range of “intensified” process technologies available in the Process Intensification Group (PIG) at Newcastle. This will illustrate how “PI” can transform many chemical processes, by reducing the size, cost and environmental impact of many technologies/processes.

• Part 2: Presentation & Q&A around an a specific ‘PI’ theme: Dr Jonathan McDonough , lecturer in the Process Intensification Group (PIG) at Newcastle University) will talk on ’The role of Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) in Facilitating Process Intensification’.

Despite its potential, and considerable publicity, 3D printing has not yet changed the way in which chemicals, foods, pharmaceuticals etc. are manufactured. The Process Intensification Group (PIG) at Newcastle uses the technology across several of its research areas, and is perhaps World-leading in the diversity of 3DP use in chemical engineering and process intensification.

The PIG has developed various new process technologies using the technique, including new reactors, separators and fluidised beds, and the technology is thoroughly ’embedded’ within the group, with almost all research students in the group using 3DP. In this talk, Jonathan will discuss some of the more advanced applications of 3DP demonstrated by the PIG and summarise the key takeaways from these. Additionally, this talk will provide a perspective on how AM is likely to be exploited in the future and will outline some of the broad challenges that will arise as AM becomes more prevalent for both academic and industrial research.

Speaker Bio

Dr Jonathan McDonough is a recently promoted lecturer in the Process Intensification Group (PIG) at Newcastle University who has significant interest in the areas of reaction engineering, fluid mechanics, flow chemistry, fluidization, heat transfer and 3D printing. He is the lead author on 11 publications (as of Feb 2020), and he has presented keynote and plenary talks in the area of additive manufacturing at UK and international conferences. One of Jonathan’s research themes is to exploit additive manufacturing for the fabrication of new and novel reactor geometries that can unlock previously unobtainable operating windows. Here Jonathan is actively involved in several projects that explore different aspects of this goal.