Cheaper, faster, simpler, safer – case studies to highlight the benefits of continuous chemical production


Dr Nikolay CherkasovManaging Director - Stoli chem

Time & Location

Wednesday: 10.20 to 10.40, Stage 4

About this presentation

Traditional batch chemical manufacture has inherent risks in terms of safety, high changeover costs, and limited reaction control. The chemical industry has been slow to adopt new methods of flow processing with the lack of scalability and ease of use being a key concern. We will present two case studies based on our novel SABRe flow reactor highlighting these benefits. Major cost-savings opportunities in chemical processes come from finding better synthetic routes to reduce workup and use more available intermediates.

Such work, however, requires a major restructuring of supply chains, carries high R&D costs, and has associated risks. A less risky way to improve a process is to ensure that the reaction conditions are observed and to use continuous flow synthesis. A continuously stirred tank reactors (CSTR) is an under-utilised approach that combines the familiarity of batch and efficiency of flow. A single CSTR, however, has a wide residence time and limited reaction control ‘ lower product quality.

We have developed SABRe reactor that stacks multiple CSTRs in a single vessel. We discuss two case studies: rapid exothermic gas-liquid and liquid-liquid reactions. We characterise the heat transfer and gas-liquid mass transfer performance. The results are discussed in terms of what effect they have on the process selectivity and energy efficiency. The methodology could be applied to SABRe, other flow or even conventional batch systems in process development and scale-up.

Speaker Bio:

Nikolay received his masters and PhD in Physical Chemistry from Moscow University. He spent several years working at various UK universities published more than 50 research papers. In 2016, he founded a spin-out company Stoli Catalysts. The company develops novel scalable flow reactors to improve efficiency in fine chemical processing.