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Meet your industry stakeholders - Dft and Police (CDGFP)

Time & Location

13.00 to 15.00,

Elizabeth ShoveltonHead of Dangerous Goods and Roadworthiness, Department for Transport

Speaker Bio

Elizabeth Shovelton is Head of Dangerous Goods and Roadworthiness in Department for Transport.  She leads the teams responsible for the policy on movement of Dangerous Goods by road and rail.  Elizabeth has been a civil servant for over 20 years, having joined the Home Office originally after completing her degree in European Law at Warwick university.  She has held a variety of posts in Department for Transport including in aviation security, road safety, freight policy and international rail.  Elizabeth has taken a lot of posts with an international focus as she particularly enjoys international negotiations and building global alliances to improve transport.  Elizabeth became head of Dangerous Goods in 2022 and has since qualified as a DGSA.  Elizabeth is a proud Yorkshirewoman working in the DfT’s new Leeds office