KKDIK Registration: Current status and how to prepare your registrations for the 31 December 2023 deadline.

Time & Location

Wednesday: 10.30 to 10.45, Stage 4


Frederik JohansonPartner - REACHLaw

About this presentation

Companies placing chemical substances on the Turkish market in quantities of 1 tonne per year (t/a) or more are required to pre-register and register these substances to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and Climate Change – MoEUCC, unless specifically exempt from the KKDIK Regulation. If your substances are on the Turkish market, these must be pre-registered. Pre-registration is a prerequisite for registration which must be completed by the 31 December 2023 deadline. The registration deadline is the same for all tonnage bands from 1 t/a upwards. Preparing and submitting your registration depends on many factors, such as who has taken the Lead Registrant position, what data is available for the registration, when will the Joint Submission be ready to accept further registrants, and what the costs are.

In this presentation, we will cover the current status of the Turkey KKDIK registration process, what companies should do if they have missed the KKDIK pre-registration deadline and how to manage the KKDIK registration process, both as a Co-registrant and Lead Registrant.

Speaker Bio

Frederik  has been working in-depth with EU Chemical Regulatory issues (e.g. “REACH” and “CLP”) since 2004. He has advised several international chemical companies in business-critical issues and how to implement and manage chemicals and operational compliance issues in day-to-day operations and strategic decision making. He has also set-up REACH consortia within the Pulp & Paper and functioned as the consortium consultant.

Furthermore, Frederik also is a member of the Steering Committee of the Lead REACH Consortium (headed by the ILA-E) as well as a member of the Management Committees of the Zinc REACH Consortium and Cadmium REACH Consortium. Besides these, he is active in several REACH Authorisation Consortia and the Consortium Manager for the MOCA Authorisation Consortium. Frederik  has also overseen several IT service developments and launch projects.

Frederik is an expert in Environmental Risk Management, EHS Regulatory Compliance, Environmental Management System design and implementation, Environmental Auditing and Assessments. The diversity of his professional experience provides him with an excellent insight needed to address the complex mix of business, policy, management, regulatory and technical issues, that business management is facing today. He has worked extensively with international industrial and commercial clients across Europe, Russia, Asia, USA and Latin-America.

Frederik speaks English, Swedish and Finnish fluently.