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Meet your industry stakeholders - Dft and Police (CDGFP)

Time & Location

13.00 to 15.00,

Jason DearsleyPolice Sergeant, Commercial Vehicle Unit, Essex Police

Speaker Bio

My name is Jason Dearsley and I have been a Police Constable since 1998. I have been on Roads Policing for nearly 17 years with the majority of that as a Police Sergeant. Currently I am in command of the Commercial Vehicle Unit for Essex Police, where I supervise the daily operations relating to Commercial vehicles, including the movement of abnormal indivisible loads, as well as supporting in times of high demand the main Roads Policing Units. I am trained as a Lead Investigating Officer for Road Deaths, a Road Scene Manager (Managing complex scenes and traffic management with partner agencies and emergency services). I am also a tactical advisor for pursuits and authorised to carry Taser, as well a qualified trainer to deliver the Tiers 1,2 & 3 of the National Dangerous Goods training packages for my force, as well as providing training for staff in our Force Control Room.

I also have UK wide responsibilities as the Vice Chair for the National Carriage of Dangerous Goods Practitioners forum (NCDGPF), a role I have performed since 2018. I am an accredited Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor, having held this qualification for six years. I am a trained Radiation Protection Supervisor and have been working on the role out of Class 7 enforcement training across all enforcement bodies in the UK. I also hold a Drivers ADR certificate for all Classes (including 1&7) in both tanks and other than in tanks, and hold a C+E class on my driving licence.

Outside of work I enjoy rambling around East Anglia, which may well involve the odd public house. I am blessed to have a very understanding wife and a wonderful son.