"PLFs Revolution: Creating a new Mission Led Research and Innovation ecosystem for sustainable PLFs" - Hosted by Centre for Process Innovation (CPI)

Time & Location

Thursday: 13.00 to 14.00, Stage 2


Joanna SparksBiomass Policy fellow, University of Aston

About this Session

Polymers in liquid formulations, or PLFs, are widely used chemical products that provide a range of effects in formulation, such as rheology modification, emulsification, thickening, stabilisation, binding and film-forming, from the shampoo we use to wash our hair, to the paint on the walls, and the lubricants in our car. Over 36.3 million tonnes are made and sold each year and so the chemical industry and the wider supply chain have a responsibility to ensure that the way these polymers are made, used and disposed of at their end of life has a minimal effect on the environment. However, unlike plastics, such polymers have not had their ‘blue planet’ moment despite there being much to do to address the sustainability challenges. Join CPI and the RSC’s PLF taskforce to discuss how collaboration can bring together the innovation eco-system in the UK to lead the way in improving the environmental profile of PLFs.

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Anju Massey-Brooker, Industry Associate, PLF taskforce coordinator for the RSC

Dan Noakes from CPI (Systemic Challenge Lead)

Joanna Sparks, Biomass Policy fellow, University of Aston

Duncan Lugton, Head of Policy, IChemE

Andrew Dove, Professor of Sustainable Polymer Chemistry, University of Birmingham

Caroline Kelly, Head of Technology Strategy, CPI