Change is The Only Constant – Product Stewardship and Master Data Management in Transition

Time & Location

Thursday: 13.00 to 13.15, Stage 5


John AdamsProduct Safety Manager - Dr. Knoell Consult Ltd

About this presentation

Effective product stewardship and master data management are becoming ever more critical in the operation of a safe, sustainable, efficient, compliant and profitable business. Adapting to new sustainability paradigms, leveraging emerging technologies, and prioritizing data governance whilst remaining compliant with changing regulations are essential components of this transformative journey.

The EU Green Deal & Chemical Strategy for Sustainability are bringing new challenges – increased circularity and sustainability requirements including Safe and Sustainable by Design, Eco-design for Sustainable Products, the Digital Product Passport, Corporate Sustainability and Due Diligence (CS3D), to name a few. To meet these requirements there is an increasing need for transparency within the supply chain which can conflict with the desire to protect confidential business information.
We are also seeing new barriers to smooth circulation of goods in the European Economic Area. Divergences between the UK and EU impose new regulatory challenges on chemical companies and with the EU seen as a forerunner in chemical regulatory developments, what can businesses operating in the UK expect in future and how can they adapt to such a dynamic regulatory landscape?

Speaker Bio:

I started my career as a Product Steward in the speciality chemical sector, helping international chemical companies meet their legal obligations without compromising on profit or customer satisfaction. I have around 8 years of first-hand experience dealing with the regulatory challenges faced by the chemical industry, which only seem to grow in scope and complexity each year. I am currently working as a Product Safety Consultant for Dr Knoell Consult Ltd which gives me the chance to interact with a diverse range of clients and work at the forefront of regulatory progress.

I have always been passionate about protecting the environment and sustainability, so now that these concepts are starting to become enshrined in the regulatory landscape, I am very pleased to have the opportunity to drive them forward. I feel extremely lucky that my career allows me to help chemical companies contribute towards a safer, greener and more sustainable future for our planet.