Latest Updates to GHS Regulations in Asian Pacific Countries

Time & Location

Thursday: 13.30 to 13.45, Stage 1


Li XiangBusiness Manager, CIRS Ltd

About this presentation

The Globally Harmonized system for Classification and Labelling of Chemical products is the universal standard for effective communication of the hazardous posed by a product through the supply chain. As companies begin to expand their markets across Asia it is more important than ever to understand the regulations and nuances of each countries GHS requirements. We will present the latest GHS regulation updates across a number of Asian countries and provide tips from our depth of experience working in these markets.

Speaker Bio:

Mr. Li Xiang is the business manager in CIRS Europe based in Dublin. Li obtained his B.A. in Business and Legal studies from the Technological University Dublin. Li has been living in Europe more than 15 years, before he joined the CIRS in 2018, he has many years experience in practical law and business law in Ireland. He now leads many projects with CIRS China and Korea team on global chemical and cosmetic compliance. With his excellent public speaking skills, he also provides webinars and speeches for chemical and cosmetic regulations online and at conferences.