The on-going financial implications of a UK & EU REACH Registration

Time & Location

Wednesday: 15.00 to 15.15, Stage 1


Mick GoodwinTechnical Director- WSP UK Ltd

About this presentation

During the phase in period, up to 2018, REACH was considered by many to be a one-off cost of fees and data, potentially followed by some reimbursements as the total number of registrants became clear. It was expected that there may be some additional testing requested by ECHA but only a small percentage of dossiers would be checked. On the whole, the expectation was that after 2018, unless you were unlucky, there would be no further costs for holding a REACH registration.

The reality has been very different with an increase in the number of compliance checks, updated testing requirements, Brexit and now potentially additional fees. Mick Goodwin will explore some of these concepts, highlighting current areas of concern for registrants, as well as looking ahead to potential future considerations.

Speaker Bio:

Mick Goodwin is an expert in EU and UK chemical regulations, including REACH and CLP, he is part of WSP’s REACH and Product Stewardship team. Mick joined WSP in 2021 after 14 years working in the colour chemicals industry in a variety of compliance / regulatory affairs / product stewardship roles. He has direct experience completing REACH Registrations as Lead Registrant and managing all related joint submission financial and legal activities. He has experience auditing supply chains to ensure product compliance for downstream users across territorial jurisdictions. Mick’s broad areas of expertise include: GHS / CLP, including calculating classifications for substances and mixtures, Poison Centre Notifications, SDS authoring, REACH registration management, Food contact and Toy safety. Regulatory support for mergers and acquisitions