30 months after BREXIT - a cost or an opportunity for Biocides & Pesticides?

Time & Location

Wednesday: 13.45 to 14.00, Stage 4


Murray SmedleyManaging Director, Barkwith Associates Limited

About this presentation

Almost 30 months after the Transition period ended, both Applicants & Regulators have had time to adjust to a post-Brexit landscape. Murray will summarise the current challenges for regulatory compliance and highlight possible dangers – and opportunities – further diverge from the EU process might bring.

Speaker Bio:

After several positions involving laboratory testing and field studies for agricultural products, Murray founded Barkwith Associates, an independent regulatory affairs consultancy, in May 2002. Now celebrating their 21st year, Barkwith continues to provide regulatory and compliance support to a wide range of clients in the UK, EU and worldwide. Their team offers strategy ‘road mapping’, expert advice and dossier preparation to Companies placing Plant Protection and Biocidal products onto the market in both GB & EU. They also provide CLP SDS authoring and REACH compliance. Murray is an active Member of a number of chemical associations, including the BCA and RSC.