Reduce False Alarms by Matching Gas Detection Technology to Your Application, Operating and Environmental Requirements

Time & Location

Wednesday: 10.10 to 10.30, Stage 4


Nicholas ShorterProduct Manager / Subject matter expert - Flame and Gas Detection Systems - Emerson

About this presentation

No perfect gas detection system exists for all applications – every requirement is different. Minimise lost time due to false alarms with Infra-Red Gas Detection using optical absorption detection technology. The gas detector transmits infrared light through a sapphire lens. When a gas cloud moves through the detector, some light wavelengths are absorbed by the target gas wavelength, reducing their energy. The light is reflected back into the detector, where the infrared light sensors measure what wavelengths and how much infrared light has been received to determine the gas concentration. There are no consumables, just fit and forget – apart from scheduled function testing. Whether you are operating in the tropics with high humidity and temperatures or in the arctic at -75 Celsius we tailor the correct detector for you.

Speaker Bio:

Over 30 years or experience working in the Control and Instrumentation Industry. 20 years involvement in hazardous area process automation and latterly 11 years focused in the areas of Gas Analysis and Flame & Gas Detection Systems. Currently Emerson subject matter expert in the area of Flame and Gas Detection Systems.