IChemE mini conference “Scale-Up’ challenges, towards ‘sustainable production“ Hosted by IChemE: Institution of Chemical Engineers

Time & Location

Wednesday: 10.30 to 12.00, Stage 4


Rob PeelingChair of IChemE Congress and Functional Fellow Representative

About this Session

Hosted by IChemE, this Mini-Confernce programme will set out to provide perpectives around the questions of:

– Defining how ‘scaling-up’ relates to you and your organisation.
– What are the challenges faced by your sector when considering how best to scale up your operations or processes?
– Highlight how recent successes have helped to shape company / sector learning and knowledge transfer in this area.


• What are the emerging common themes that organisations should consider when committing to scaling up in a sustainable way?
• How do you know if sustainable production has been achieved? How is it measured?
• What are the common implications of scaling up and how can the Chemical and Process Engineering community use their expertise to manage resources appropriately?

Featured session speakers – to be announced soon

Speaker Bio:

Rob Peeling is a Chartered Chemical Engineer with 40 years experience. He has held roles in Research and Development, Process Design, Plant Operations and Process Safety across  titanium pigments, catalysts, fine chemicals and platinum group metals refining.  Since 2016 he has been delivering process understanding training and facilitation services to clients for Britest Ltd. where he is the Technical Services Director. Britest helps people across  a range of process industry sectors including pharmaceuticals, catalyst manufacture, contract chemicals and food processing. Britest also engages in government funded industry/academic collaborations which in recent years have focussed on sustainable, circular processing. Rob is Chair of IChemE Congress and Treasurer of the Pharmaceuticals Special Interest Group.