Ultimately the behaviours of people determine whether a business is successful or not.

Time & Location

Wednesday: 13.45 to 14.00, Stage 5


Ron RamshawAssociate - Cogent Skills

About this presentation

This presentation will discuss the part skills and competency play in safe operations. Covering not only technical skills but the non-technical skills that, in many organisations are often not considered with the same due diligence as the technical skills, yet play a key role in the safe operation of high hazard facilities.

The key issue for high hazard sites is to consider the competence of staff in relation to the control of major accident hazards and how this is identified, assessed and managed as part of a competence assurance system.

Ron will discuss briefly how a competence management system can be designed, the recruitment of staff externally, including how succession planning and promotions are managed internally. Maintaining competence and managing sub-standard performance.

Speaker Bio:

Ron has worked in the major hazard industries for over 40 years. Degree qualified, he has worked onshore, offshore and internationally in a number of roles.

Commencing his career in the maintenance department at British Steel and subsequently managing large shutdowns and day to day maintenance offshore for Elf Exploration.

Ron moved into a safety role in the 90’s and managed several offshore assets in the North Sea before spending 7 years with BP in the UK and Middle East prior to spending 16 years in his role as Head of HSSE for Interconnector.

Currently Ron works as a consultant and is an associate with Cogent Skills.

He has a passion for creating a great safety culture on operating assets and this was acknowledged when he was awarded the best application of Human Factors knowledge from the Institution of Chemical Engineers in 2017.