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Meet your industry stakeholders - Dft and Police (CDGFP)

Time & Location

13.00 to 15.00,

Terry HarveyPC1320, Suffolk Constabulary, Commercial Vehicle Unit

Speaker Bio

Terry has served as a Police officer with Suffolk Constabulary for 21 years, 14 of which as a roads policing officer which includes conducting roadside checks on ADR vehicles. He qualified as a DGSA in 2015 and he is a radiation protection supervisor. Terry is part of the specialist operations department as a commercial vehicle specialist working on tachograph/drivers’ hours analysis, overweight vehicles, load security, vehicle examination, plant and agricultural vehicle identification, collision scene management. Terry is also an advanced CBRN officer, advanced search officer and a few other bits too. Terry has led on hazmat incidents within Suffolk, work with contingency planning to write procedure regarding hazmat incidents and participated in large scale exercises with Sizewell Nuclear power station. Terry is the current Chair of the National CDG practitioner’s forum.


National CDG Practitioners Forum
The CDGPF was created in 2000 by two police officers who thought that a more standardised approach to enforcing hazmat made sense. The initial meeting received the backing of NPCC, DfT & HSE, then went across the UK. This coincided with the HSE returning inspection powers back to Police forces which now include ONR in relation to Class7. The forum meets twice a year and is attended by police forces from across the UK, Government agencies and, more importantly, industry representatives.