Sustainability and net zero: driving resilience for the chemicals sector

Time & Location

Wednesday: 13.20 to 13.40, Stage 1


Thomas BirkManaging Director - BASF UK & Ireland

About this presentation

The talk will focus around 3 core messages. (i) Sustainability & Net Zero are not mutually exclusive, they both go hand in hand and to achieve it’s own targets BASF is working on 5 strategic levers which will be discussed (ii) Further more we need to move away from a linear economy to a circular economy utilizing new material cycles, new business models and circular feedstocks (iii) and finally we need to innovate new process, materials etc to be more resilient.

Speaker Bio:

Thomas Birk studied Business Administration at the Cooperative State University (BA) in Loerrach and Economics at the University of Heidelberg. He began his career at BASF in 2008 as a consultant to Global Strategy and has since worked in diverse project and product management roles culminating in his last role as Head of Product Management for natural food ingredients at BASF Corp in the USA. He returned to Europe this year and has taken up the position of Managing Director of BASF plc in UK and Ireland as of summer 2021.