"PFAS & Emerging Chemicals of Concern" - Hosted by Ramboll

Time & Location

Wednesday: 13.00 to 14.00, Stage 1


Tom GilletAssociate - Steptoe

About this Panel

Bringing together a balanced panel comprised of expert representatives from industry, legal and government to emerging chemicals of concern. The conversation will centre around sharing and discussing various challenges that industry is faced with regards to emerging chemicals of concern i.e. PFAS, microplastics, hexavalent chrome etc. along with workable solutions. This panel will provide an opportunity to hear varying perspectives and case studies on this topic along with the chance for the audience participants to ask questions to our expert panellists.

Session Speakers – include:

  1. Chris Howick, Product Regulation Manager – INOVYN
  2. Mike Potts, Chemicals Regulation Division – Principal Enforcement Officer – HSE
  3. Tom Griffiths, Senior Managing Consultant – Ramboll
  4. Tom Gillet, Associate – Steptoe
  5. David Brassington, Senior Director of Regulatory Compliance – SI Group