Regulatory Affairs is a Team Sport – A Chemicals Coffee Time report

Time & Location

Thursday: 13.45 to 14.05, Stage5


TT Environmental

About this presentation

At Chemicals Coffee Time, the weekly email newsletter with friendly news for chemical professionals, we listen to many areas of concern, including the increasing complexity of chemical product regulations, a “hot topic” at ChemUK 2024.

Instead of product regulations producing a few tasks which were carried out by lab staff occasionally, Regulatory Affairs has grown to a department in its own right, and touches on many different business functions.

We take a brief look at how things got like this, what problems can arise because of the ever-changing regulatory landscape, and offer practical tips on how to engineer your chemical business and educate your staff to ensure your business deals with regulations effectively.


Janet Greenwood – Managing Director and Soil Scientist -TT Environmental

Alison Potts – Regulatory Affairs Consultant – TT Environmental Ltd.

Joint Speakers

Janet Greenwood

Janet Greenwood

Managing Director and Soil Scientist -TT Environmental

Janet Greenwood is a soil scientist by training who ended up in the chemical industry by accident, and liked it so much she has built her business, TT Environmental Ltd, around keeping the industry and its downstream users going, so that everyone can benefit from the very safe and comfortable way of life which the chemical industry provides. Starting in 2001 with IPPC/ Environmental Permitting, and then COMAH, TT Environmental ( moved into chemical classification work when CLP came in, and now supports the chemical industry in all these topics with consultancy, and CLP and SDS training ( As co-founder of the Chemical Regulations Self Help Group, TT Environmental also provides a discussion form on REACH and CLP to companies in the chemical supply chain of all sizes through confidential quarterly meetings ( During the coronavirus crisis, TT Environmental set up a daily email, “Coronavirus Chemicals Update”, now “Chemicals Coffee Time” to support Regulatory Affairs and HSE managers working from home, which is a mixture of technical updates, moral support, and funny or inspirational video clips, and a daily vlog with some of the email highlights. As the crisis subsided, the newsletter and vlog moved to once a week, and remain an important way for TT Environmental to support the chemical industry.

Alison Potts

Alison Potts

Regulatory Affairs Consultant - TT Environmental Ltd.

Experienced Regulatory Affairs Consultant based in the UK. Specialist support for GB and EU chemical regulations including CLP, REACH, and COMAH/Seveso for both jurisdictions.

Provider of CLP and GHS training for beginners and professionals.

Over a decade of experience working in the metal working and chemicals industry. Specialist knowledge of Regulatory IT applications with skills in SQL and Visual Basic programming, database design and development.

SME in GHS implementations around the world with practical experience of SDS and label design, authoring and classification in multiple regions. Strong foundation in project working, launch and rollout.

Member of Chemical Hazard Communication Society.