"For a Greener and Cleaner Future” - KEYNOTE Presentation

Time & Location

Thursday: 10.30 to 11.00, Stage 2


Vivi HollerttChief Sustainability & Communications Officer - Nouryon

About this presentation

Nouryon is a global specialty chemicals producer with nearly $6 billion in revenue and over 8,000 employees. Nouryon is a leader in sustainability. Cleaning is one of the key end markets that Nouryon serves. With a broad range in non-ionic and anionic surfactants, chelating agents, polymers, CMC and biocidal products Nouryon has a great portfolio of technologies to offer for household and industrial & institutional cleaning applications. Sustainability is the number one driver for innovation in this market and we see a clear drive towards more bio-based and bio-degradable ingredients, the increased use of concentrated solutions, the lowering of washing temperatures, the move away from harmful ingredients and increased transparency on product carbon footprint data. In this presentation Vivi will demonstrate the corporate sustainability strategy of Nouryon as well as show the innovation efforts in our cleaning business, supported by recent product launches, where we are increasing the use of bio-based feedstock materials and deliver tailored solutions that enable our customers to clean more sustainably.