Mastering Challenges in SCIP: Best Practices

Time & Location

Wednesday: 15.15 to 15.30, Stage 1


Yana TrubitsynaRegulatory Queen - Regartis

About this presentation

It is a common practice for companies that manufacture and assemble complex objects to purchase parts from diverse suppliers worldwide. In some cases, it can become challenging to keep being SCIP compliant, especially when parts are coming outside of the EU or EEA. Suppliers of these parts are not bound by the same obligations and might not be willing to communicate information on SVHC substances. In this presentation, we will explore the challenges companies face, which concern not only the collection and processing of data but also communication in the supply chain both upwards and downwards. Post data handling, new obstacles emerge. These include notification of numerous articles in groups, managing existing submissions, and establishing effective customer communication channels. Finding solutions to these challenges requires complex analysis and careful planning, which are essential to upholding SCIP compliance while ensuring smooth operations within a global supply network

Speaker Bio:

Yana obtained a masters degree in molecular biology and genetics after which dedicated her efforts to chemical legislation compliance. Her experience in cooperation with various scale companies to ensure their compliance has led her to work in diverse legislation sectors, including REACH, SCIP, biocides and PCN. At REGARTIS she is also the queen of Only Representative services, working directly with clients. And it surely is not the last regulations she will tackle, because her rule is to “always challenge herself for new accomplishments”.