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The chemical sector is undergoing deep transformation on its​ journey to reduce emissions, adopt low-carbon solutions, and​ maintain competitiveness and profitability.​ Aiming for carbon neutrality by 2050 is not the only pressure the​ sector faces from customers, governments and society. Operators​ must meet stricter environmental and safety regulations while​ continuing to grow revenues, adopt new approaches for chemical processes, and​ contribute to carbon circularity.

Modernization of plants will be essential to achieve these goals.​ ABB is partnering with chemical companies to implement smart ​technology that will enable plants to meet government​ regulations, improve energy efficiency and open the door to new​ chemical initiatives, including a shift away from fossil fuels.​

  • Take the risk out of regulatory compliance​: Chemical production processes typically have many points where problems could pose safety or environmental risks. The use of high quality measurement instruments and automation is a proven way to help address these risks and ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Cut your footprint, not your output​: Smart technology from ABB combining instrumentation and software is already helping customers to reduce their annual CO2 emissions by more than 100 megatons by 2030, with an expanding array of measurement solutions that can be used to help companies to reduce their carbon footprint with low carbon technologies and feedstocks such as Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS), low emission hydrogen use and production of synthetic fuels.
  • Measurement that boosts your bottom line​: ABB’s range of field instruments for chemical industry applications enable operators to achieve an in-depth understanding of process conditions needed to keep their operations running at maximum efficiency.

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