AST Plastic Containers UK LLP

About this exhibitor

AST Plastic Containers UK LLP is part of the German AST group, we have several sites within Europe (Germany, UK, Netherlands and Belgium). AST was founded in 1977 and we are now in the second generation and still privately owned. AST UK started its operations in Wrexham in 2011 and we’ve grown well since then. AST is a manufacturer for plastic containers for hazardous liquids, our product range starts from 200 ml and ends at 220 Ltr., all in various colours, weights and shapes. To support the circular economy and to reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact, AST has decided to invest into recycling solutions to be a part of our business strategy. Our production site for plastic containers is located on the Wrexham Industrial Estate and we have just bought a new site on the same estate. We are in the process of setting up the required machinery for such an operation and we will be fully operational within the next 6 weeks. The new recycling site is in Unit 1 Abbey Road, LL13 9RF Wrexham. We will then be able to take back used plastic containers back from our customers and recycle or recondition them. We have also the right machinery to recycle the outer packaging of our containers (plastic bags). We will concentrate our recycling operations on HDPE and LDPE.