BTC Europe

About this exhibitor

BTC Europe is BASF’s pan-European distribution organization for small and medium-sized customers. Focusing on speciality chemicals, we deliver a product-package expertly tailored to the manufacturing and formulating needs of over 30 industries including agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, lubricants, detergents and electronics.

Our product portfolio features over 6000 chemicals from BASF including plasticisers, oxygenated solvents, alcohols, speciality amines, metal alcoholates, technical salts, isocyanates, polyols and amine-catalysts for polyurethane formulation and high-purity inorganics & acids. We develop tailor-made solutions based on the technical and commercial needs of our customers by drawing on the unique advantages of belonging to the world’s leading chemical group.

Our portfolio also includes certain innovative options for sustainable chemistry developed by BASF based on recycled feedstocks and renewables that are proven to support the development of greener and more sustainable solutions within the chemical industry.

Our customers benefit from a broad and innovative chemical product portfolio; local technical experts & dedicated customer service teams and the 11,000 strong research and development team that drives BASF’s innovation and quality.

BTC are the number one technically-competent speciality chemical distributor across Europe.