Cosmetics Cluster UK

About this exhibitor

Cosmetics Cluster UK (CCUK) is the first cosmetics cluster in the UK. CCUK is a ‘network of networks, facilitating collaboration and acting as a vital point of contact for the cosmetics and personal care products sector in the UK. Our mission is to be a bridge that connects companies along the whole value chain in the cosmetics industry from research to retail, to support best practices, and collaborations and solves challenges together. CCUK is a founder member of the Global Cosmetics Cluster (GCC).

CCUK has four key pillars of focus: Networks & International Clusters, Education & Skills, Sustainability and Research & Innovation. The Sustainability pillar is the focus of activity at ChemExpo UK.

The bioeconomy is helping to shape the future of sustainability in the beauty industry, where the global natural products market is continually evolving and growing. However, there is a real need for knowledge transfer along the supply chain about how to get into the market competitively and what are the common requirements and hurdles. Being originally founded in the chemicals sector, CCUK is ideally placed to act as a bridge between the bioeconomy and the cosmetics industry, bringing together industry experts and potential new ingredient suppliers and feedstock sources and facilitating new business and manufacturing connections.