About this exhibitor

DESOTEC is the leading provider of mobile filtration solutions in Europe and is establishing this leading market position in the USA.

With our sustainable mobile filtration solutions, we are committed to helping protect the planet by driving positive ecological change across all industries.
Our unique, flexible, circular service concept together with our extensive expertise built up over many decades, make us a trustworthy partner.

Our mission is to take the strain off industrial businesses in Europe and USA, and help them operate more sustainably, to build a cleaner, greener world for all.
We strive for excellence, knowing that our work matters, today, and for the generations to come.

DESOTEC has a wide variety of activated carbons and filters that will help you purify odour, PFAS, etc.

Activated carbon is a safe, versatile and proven purification method that is certified as Best Available Technology (BAT) for many industrial filtration applications. It is a highly porous substance with a very large surface area, to which components adhere. We fulfil our sustainable commitments through R&D into new grades of carbon derived from renewable sources and alternative ways of reactivating activated carbon when it becomes saturated, thereby stimulating circularity.