DP-Flow Ltd

DP-Flow Ltd

About this exhibitor

The supplier for your fluid process instrument needs.

We supply the following instrument packages :- Flow, Level, Pressure, Temperature, Advanced CBM Vibration Monitoring, Wireless, Valves and Valve Positioners to name a few.

Fluid applications from large to small, liquid, gas and steam systems covering high and low pressure and temperature.

Flow meters from Orifice, Pitot and Venturi systems, MAGFLO meters, Vortex with integral steam compensation tables, Turbine, Clamp on Ultrasonic and thermal mass…

Pressure Differential, Gauge and Absolute

Temperature Clamp on and full thermowell weld in and flanged pockets

Vibration with advances warning to save assets from catastrophic failure, with a fault analysis dashboard, providing warning well in advance of the competition!

Suppliers of the engineering software toolbox – CONVAL, for EPC’s, Plant operators, and designers, This will size control valves, on/off valve actuator packages, thermowells to name a few.

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