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Dura-ID Solutions

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On-Demand Chemical Labelling Solutions In-House. Dura-ID Solutions are a label and tag manufacturer with head office and chemical specialist team based in Sheffield and we pride ourselves in being able to provide you with solutions to your common labelling problems. Are your chemical products exported? If they are your label and print needs to be BS5609 Approved.

Here at Dura-ID we have a number of label and printer solutions that will keep you compliant to legislation. We have exclusive rights in Europe to distribute and service the Neuralabel 600e – the large format combination label printer. A number of our clients have saved time and money by switching to this print solution – you print your designs on-demand and in-house so you have full control. We have achieved a label cut down from 4 to 1 in a number of chemical manufacturers across the UK. Include all the information required from GHS warning diamonds to multiple translations of text on this high quality continuous media printer. If this sounds like something you’d like to discuss further get in touch!