About this exhibitor

Euromixers design and manufacturer industrial fluid mixers and agitators for a wide range of applications including – general chemicals, mixing paint for car manufacturers, agitators for effluent treatment plants, to mixers producing lifesaving drugs / pharmaceutical products. Our standard product range includes IBC and drum mixers, portable and fixed mount mixers, heavy duty mixers, high shear homogenisers, inline static mixers, and bespoke hygienic design mixers for use in pharmaceutical applications.

Our unique range of IBC mixers quickly re-mixes product that has settled in transport or storage, the mixers are designed for industry standard IBC’s with a 150mm screw cap, the E-400 folding impeller fits through a 150mm opening to quickly re-mix the contents when settled out during transport or storage Euromixers’ personnel have a broad range of experience and will be pleased to help with your application.