Flux Pumps International (UK) Ltd

About this exhibitor

Experience the excellence of Flux Pumps – the leading German manufacturer of drum, container and IBC emptying pumps.

Flux invented the electric drum pump in 1950. Over the last 70 years, the Flux name has become synonymous with drum, barrel, tank and IBC pumping technology. We produce a range of pumps and motors suitable for every industry – chemical, industrial, environmental, oil & gas, food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical.

Flux is a family run company. Our products are designed, manufactured and tested in our purpose-built factory near Stuttgart, Germany. Flux quality is legendary. Patented design features guarantee the longest service life. Our products are fully serviceable and the whole-life cost of our equipment is class-leading. We’re proud of our long-life pumps that reduce our environmental impact – repair rather than replace!

Our UK operation offers engineered solutions for a wide range of applications such as dispensing chemicals from IBCs, to transferring tomato paste and other non-flowing substances from 200 litre drums. ATEX, 3A, FDA and food grade pumps are available. We also supply flowmeters, valves, mixers, hoses and a wide range of other accessories.

Custom designed dispensing systems can be engineered for almost any drum, IBC or tank emptying application. Reduce waste, improve safety, reduce costs and increase profitability. With a Flux filling system, manual handling of harmful chemicals is reduced, thus providing a safer working environment.

Please visit our website for further details, including videos of our products in action: www.flux-pumps.co.uk