Glatt Ingenieurtechnik GmbH

About this exhibitor

Glatt Germany, a leader in fluid bed technology and powder synthesis, provides integrated concepts in the areas of particle design, process know-how and plant engineering. 

In order to form particles with application-optimised properties from liquid or solid starting materials, integrated solutions are required. Those are offered by Glatt using state-of-the-art fluid bed and spouted bed technologies, as well as powder synthesis. Targeted combinations of shaping and thermal treatment enable the production of both homogeneous and coated micro powders, as well as dust-free easy flowing granulates or pellets with the desired properties in just one process step, improving their application and handling. Benefiting from tailor-made particle properties, these are used in numerous high-performance materials, such as catalysts or innovative medical ceramics. Other areas of application include the activation and coating of new types of battery materials. Other material examples such as fertilizers, crop protection products, technical salts, polymers, surfactants, detergents, cleaning agents, colour pigments, ceramics, catalysts, minerals, trace elements and acids are part of Glatt’s scope and we have extensive experience working with same.